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Dispatch Information

Landvatter Ready Mix, Inc.

Dispatch Phone:





In order to service our customers better, we need your cooperation in order to properly plan for your concrete delivery requirements.


Dispatch Hours:

Winter Hours: Dec 1st thru March 31st 6:00am – 4:00pm

Summer Hours: April 1st thru Nov 30th 6:00am – 5:00 pm


Our Dispatch requests a “day before” notice, but requires a four (4) hour minimum notice for placing “Will Calls” or “Orders.” A “Will Call” is the estimated time the customer will need the concrete on the job, as well as the yardage estimate. When activating an “Order” we require 1½ hour minimum notice.


Dispatch required information for a concrete “Will Call” or “Order”:

  • Your name and the company name and a contact phone number.

  • Either: house number and street name with nearest cross street, or lot number and subdivision name with street name the lot is on.

  • Date of delivery.

  • Your requested time of delivery. Allow a 30 minute window. Exact times are not realistically achievable.

  • Either: “Will Call” or active “Order.”

  • Total yardage for the day. If not known, an estimate is helpful.

  • Number of loads and load sizes.

  • Load spacing. If not known, an estimate is helpful.

  • Mix: Sack or Psi, Gr avel or Stone, River or Finish Sand.

  • Type of work: Patio, Driveway, Wall, Steps, etc.

  • Slump: 1” minimum, 5” maximum.

  • Extra Products: Calcium, Water Reducer, Rods, Poly, etc.

  • Special instructions: Back down street, short truck, dry for steps, pumping, etc. · Payment for C.O.D. orders can be made with cash, an in-state check with valid I.D., or credit card with prior approval through our office.


If you run short on a pour, we will dispatch the needed concrete with priority status while still meeting previous commitments.

We greatly appreciate your efforts to provide this information. Any questions or comments, please contact us at


Please distribute this information to all persons in your company ordering concrete.

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